Boston woman in her late 50s: … And it’s not like it used to be. Jamaica Plain has become so culturally diverse… It’s so unfortunate!
Sunburned woman in her late 50s: Um. Where is that sunscreen?

–Surfside Beach, Nantucket, Massachusetts

Overheard by: KP

Mother to five-year-old: I don't want to hear your shit!

–Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Overheard by: Luminesce

Boy: Man, I can't believe she's studying, on a Sunday! What a loser.
Girl's voice, yelling from inside house: I can still hear you…

–Gold Coast, Australia

Cheesy 15-year-old boy: I can’t believe you were about to go up to him and say that. Ha, ha, ha.
Cheesy 15-year-old girl: Wouldn’t be the first time I made someone cry.
Cheesy 15-year-old boy: You’re a whore.

–Ocean City, New Jersey

Young boy excitedly walking out of the ocean with father: Mom! It's still so early in the morning and I already almost drowned!

–Jones Beach, New York

Overheard by: jt

Mother, holding one son in the ocean and calling another on shore: See? The water's fantastic. You have nothing to worry about.
Four-year-old son, crying: I don't want to die here!

–Palm Beach, Aruba

Girl to friend: Fuck me up the ass, just don't tell me you love me!

–Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Adult son to mom: Thanks for babysitting the kids, ma. You know why I love you?
Rockin granny: Cuz I breastfed you for 12 years?
Ten year old grandson: Oh my god!

–Clearwater Beach, Florida

20-Something chick #1: So Brad and I went up to the mountains with his friend Greg and Greg’s fiancé. Brad and Greg went out to unpack the car, and she and I just started going at it.
30-Something chick #2: You guys were making out?
30-Something chick #1: It was way intense.
30-Something chick #2: Wow.
30-Something chick #1: Then Brad and Greg came back in the house, and Greg started, like, totally freaking out. I mean, he just wasn’t, like…feeling my openness!

–San Diego, California

Overheard by: gefiltepez

Older man: Look, if you're really worried about it…
Younger woman, with full mouth: I am! I'm having trouble sleeping.
Older man: Then you should get a restraining order.

–Beach Footpath, Australia

Overheard by: I Wish I Heard the Start