You, our readers and eavesdroppers, make the site what it is. All of the quotes on the site are submitted by our readers. We don’t make stuff up. We don’t hire people to sit around on park benches and talk to hobos. That would be silly. What makes the site funny is that we post the best quotes that our readers send us, and our readers are brilliant and funny people, just like you. So if you hear something funny, go ahead and post it to the site.

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This is one of Morgan’s favorite web sites! Why? Because it’s Alsome!
Also because he owns it, he runs it, and when he finds something he doesn’t like, he spanks people until it gets fixed. Here are some other sites he likes. 

Anorexic Dancer: Julián Porta

Current life: Software developer and Roman Empire history buff. Previous life: Skateboarder, guitar-bass-drum player in a few indie bands, sound engineer.

Tween #1: Guillermo Rubens

Guillermo divides his time between mentoring indigo kids, translating Matt Gröening, writing lyrics for progressive-rock wunderkinds, and his two pet projects: babbling incoherences on the radio, and advising English-speakers about Buenos Aires.

Nunja: Alvaro Casanova

Alvaro lives in Uruguay and is a student of Graphic Design and the new designer of Overheard in New York. When not building layouts or doing things for university he plays the guitar and listen to retro music..

Loud Girl on Cell: Adina

Adina is a former day-camp minibus driver and textbook clerk. She does those banner pictures on top of the sites. She will take a photograph of pretty much anything.
anything. Even you.

Suit #1: Dave Barnette

Dave lives in New Hampshire where he has a secret identity. He
remembers when Woody Allen was funny, he reads too much, and his love for New York has always been unrequited. 

JAP #2: Nick Saint

Nick is deaf as a doorknob and obnoxiously loud, so he was going to end up on Overheard one way or the other. He splits his time between heaping scorn on his fellow man and attending graduate school for philosophy.

Meathead #2: Adam Holland

Adam represented Harvard in the ’96 Olympics, back when he had a 7.1 liter VO2 and could clean 130 kilos. He’s now a father of two, coaches high school soccer, wrestling and rowing, writes short SF stories, and just finished a novel about clones and Absurdism. 

Fratboy #3: Danielle Lindemann

Danielle is an insomniac Columbia grad student. Before becoming editor of Overheard, she was our #1 Best Eavesdropper Of All Time. Like, you know how Superman can hear through walls, like, X‑Ray vision, but for hearing? So can she.

Cracker Chick: Jenny Weiss

Jenny is a graduate student and does things with words for money. She is also an accomplished blurbist, having written hundreds of decontextualized paragraphs on pointe shoes and lesbian genre fiction. 

Drunk Guy: Dan Horwitz

We don’t know why, but we do know that Dan is Very, Very Important. Something to do with ninjas. He likes reading long, incoherent rants by unhinged conspiracy theorists, so go ahead and send them along.