Worldly hippie: So, my goal right now is pretty much to take the time to watch the sunset every day, because, you know, there aren’t that many.
Vacationing New Yorker: What is there more of than sunsets?

–Goa, India

Overheard by: Iman

Dirty surfer to disinterested hippie girl: I mean, I do something for the military that nobody else does, no one has ever been able to do. It's tracking a submarine, underwater, tracking exactly where it is and where it goes, without using sonar, or any technology, or detection devices. They don't know how I do it, and I won't tell them, but I do it. I've won awards for it.

–Ala Moana Blvd. honolulu, Hawaii

Overheard by: mel

Hippie to friend: Can we go over there and absorb the energy of this band for a minute?

–Santa Cruz, California

Overheard by: Rae

Annoying woman: That was green before green was really green.

–Santa Monica, California

Hippie chick #1: He’s doing fantastic.
Hippie chick #2: Really?
Hippie chick #1: Yeah, his family was really worried about him for a while, but he’s fine now… He’s, like, the leader of some cult in the valley.
Hippie chick #2: Good for him.

–Venice Beach, California

Outraged hippie chick: Someone drew a pentagram in my Zen garden!

–Seal Beach, California