Boy: So you go out a lot?
Girl: Yeah. My sister thinks I’m a druggy, but I’m like, “Sure I take drugs a lot, but that doesn’t make me a druggy.”

–Beach in Australia

Stoner dude: Hey, man, I’m about to get me one a’ them blunts!
Stoner friend: Ah! I don’t smoke anymore.
Stoner dude: What?! Maaaan, why’s everyone gotta be all tired n’ shit?

–Santa Cruz, California

Overheard by: Brittany M.

Bro to another: It’s the government, bro. They’re putting LSD in our oceans.

–Miami Beach, Florida

Overheard by: mar

Stoned chick: So, whenever I’m stoned, like this stoned, I start a sentence… And then through half the sentence, I finish another sentence I said before, or finish another idea in my head, or just start talking. It’s like I forget or something, like, my idea, and it’s like I had it all there, and stuff. You know what I mean?
Stoned guy: … That’s retarded.

–St. Petersburg, Florida

Teen girl #1: Oh, I’m so happy for Candice!* She finally has a normal boyfriend!
Teen girl #2: Oh, that’s nice…Wait, is it that 29‐year‐old E dealer you guys met at that rave in Chilliwack?
Teen girl #1: Yes!

Long pause.

Teen girl #1: Well, it’s normal for her, I guess.

–English Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia

Teenage girl #1: And then I was all like, “I saw ducks!“
Teenage girl #2: God, that’s such a stoner thing to say!

–Granite Bay, California

Overheard by: ducks are cool

Police officer: You’re under arrest for underage drinking in public.
American teen: But they’re from Canada, officer!
Police officer: Got any marijuana in your purse?

–Sandestin, Florida

Overheard by: proudcanadian

Older lady #1: You know they have a hot stone massage?
Older lady #2: Really?
Older lady #1: Yeah! It sounds really nice.
Older lady #2: Maybe we should get them! Then we can get shirts that say “I got stoned in Miami“
Older lady #1, laughing: We could.
Older lady #2: No, but I actually want to get them and wear that shirt.

–Elemis Spa, Miami Beach, Florida

Busty tan blonde in yellow bikini, surrounded by 8 beautiful gay men drinking champagne and smoking pot: I mean, we should really just take a picture of this, and put it on a postcard: “Welcome to Venice Beach, bitches.”

–Venice Beach, California

Overheard by: TheLurker

Dude #1: Dude, why on earth do you keep fucking her if you think she’s so disgusting? Is her pussy, like, made of gold or something?
Dude #2: No, her pussy’s made of cocaine.

–San Francisco, California