South Carolina

Boyfriend to girlfriend: So, what do you want to do? You wanna go shopping or something?
Extremely feminine, sweet-looking girl: I just wanna go home and watch some fucking Dragonball Z.

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Little kid to mom, as storm is coming: If thunder claps while you're in the water, you're gonna die!

–Pawley's Island, South Carolina

Overheard by: Running for Cover

Guy to friend: If they’re not Tara Reid, I don’t want to see their tits.

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Chick #1: Why didn’t you kiss me at the pool?!
Chick #2: Because I don’t want to have an open relationship with you!

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Mother with accent, talking to grown son: David, blow up the raft!
David: No! Make dad do it!
Dad: You’re younger. You have more air in your lungs.
Sister: Dave, just blow up the raft.
David: No!
Mother: Son, shut up and finish the blow job.

–Hilton Head, South Carolina

Overheard by: anna

Four-year-old girl squatting over sand castle: Look, Mommy, I’m peeing! Look, Mommy, it’s a toilet!

–Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Dude stopping intense make-out: Um, you’re not gonna tell anyone about this…
Chick: What?!
Dude: Well, I mean, look at you…
Chick: I’m going to tell your mom about this.

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Overheard by: Mik

Concerned passerby: Dude… Are you okay?
Concerned drunk: I appreciate your concern, but you’re standing in my puke.

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Three-year-old girl with strong Southern accent: I am gonna get tattoos all over myself.

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Overheard by: james

Tanned man #1: Look at those fags over there!
Tanned man #2: Which ones?
Tanned man #1: The two over there, sitting with those four hot girls with the fine asses, big tits, and tiny bikinis.
Tanned man #2: Wait. You and I are alone. Those two guys have two girls each. Sounds like we’re the fags.

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Overheard by: D Meyers