South Carolina

Little boy: Mommy, is it still morning?
Mom: No, honey, it’s nighttime now.
Little boy: But you told me it was morning five minutes ago!

–Hilton Head, South Carolina

Overheard by: Arya

Teen girl #1: Yeah, he would be cute if he had better teeth.
Teen girl #2: Or a smaller nose.
Teen girl #3: He'd be cute if he was completely different.

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

20-something girl, coming out of the ocean: This water’s salty!

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

16-year-old on phone: So he tried selling you heroin?

–North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Overheard by: That guy

Man, to himself: I wish we were back at the condo so I could watch tv. I can only sit here and watch nothing for so long.

–Fripp Island, South Carolina

Four-year-old girl (disappointed, looking at a jellyfish): I've never seen one of these before…but I thought it would be longer.

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Overheard by: I Was Surprised Too

Little girl: Mommy, what’s that red stuff in your bathing suit?

–Public bathroom, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Overheard by: Arya

Bimbette: You know what I like?
Brother: …What?
Bimbette: No, I don’t know, I was asking. Like, for serious.

–Kiawah Island Resort, Charleston, South Carolina

Overheard by: hannah

Preppy guy #1: God, this place totally sucks.
Preppy guy #2: No, it’s fine. You just need to embrace your inner boat person.
Preppy guy #1: Jeffy, I think these are motor boat people.

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Guy: I just gave birth to a beach ball, and my wrist is sore.
Girl: It must work differently for guys.

–North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Overheard by: Frenchie