Tourist, about the tide: Where does all the water go?

–Ogunquit Beach, Ogunquit, Maine

Overheard by: C’mon

Man, hearing seagulls: Wolves!

–Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Overheard by: Schmitty

Girl: Excuse me, what lake is this?
Street vendor: The Atlantic one.

–Portland, Maine

Hick tourist, pointing to the ocean: So is that there salt water?
Island Beach State Park worker, after long confused pause: It's the ocean.
Hick tourist: Yeah, but does it like, have salt in it?

–Island Beach State Park, New Jersey

Overheard by: sick of bennies

Little kid, running in tears: I'm in the twilight zone! Adults are playing with sand!

–Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn, New York

Overheard by: ksenka

Girl #1, in shade: Wanna go down to the water?
Girl #2: Sure!
Girl #2, in water: Wanna go back to the tree?
Girl #1: Yeah. I do.

–Sydney, Australia

20-ish girl to sister: I think a shark just brushed up against my foot! [Everyone nearby stares.] Oops. I think I said that a little loud. False alert, everyone — it was just some seaweed!

–Clearwater Beach, Florida

Little kid to mom, as storm is coming: If thunder claps while you're in the water, you're gonna die!

–Pawley's Island, South Carolina

Overheard by: Running for Cover

Girl, carrying piece of kelp to dad: This can be my pet until we get a doggie!

–Hermosa Beach, California

Woman on beach: Ah, I didn't come to the beach to get wet! It's getting in my hair, on my shoes. Where are the car keys?

–Port Elgin, Ontario, Canadia

Overheard by: Linz