Chick: Fifteen hundred isn’t a lot. That’s like a thousand… and five hundred.

–Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Alexis

Girl to surfer boy: If your dick is big as this ice cream I’ll throw the ice cream in the trash and lick your dick!

–Santa Monica, California

Woman #1: Italian men make the best lovers.
Woman #2: Why?
Woman #1: They have lots of stamina. They last longer and their penises are bigger.
Woman #2: What’s the opposite of that?

–Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Girl #1: Hey! I’m suprised you’re even alive after last night!
Girl #2: Barely…and if Sharon realizes that there is a two‐hour period where she doesn’t know where Aaron and I were, Rikki’s gonna be really mad… She’s already mad and she has no idea what happened.
Girl #1: What? Why, what the hell happened when I went to bed?
Girl #2: Well, Sharon thinks Aaron and I were just cuddling since it was such a small bed we were sharing and that I just felt bad that he had to sleep on the floor, but Rikki is really convinced we hooked up.
Girl #1: Well, did you?
Girl #2: Obviously, but we were in Dan’s room instead, so she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about… Wait, you’re not mad I hooked up with him, are you?
Girl #1: God, no! I’m proud that you managed to do it in a cottage that small and no one knew! I was against your wall and I had no idea! High five!

–Wasaga Beach, Canadia

Overheard by: I’m Proud Too

Gay guy #1: Tom has such a huge dick! I swear I was walking bow‐legged for three days! I think it might become a serious thing!
Gay guy #2: I know! He has such a huge dick!

–Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Teen girl reading rope candy wrapper at snack bar: 24 inches of flavor and fun!
Random middle aged hobo: Sounds like a midget I used to date!

–San Clemente, California

Teen girl #1: Yeah, he would be cute if he had better teeth.
Teen girl #2: Or a smaller nose.
Teen girl #3: He’d be cute if he was completely different.

–Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Navy guy #1: Do you have beach shorts?
Gift shop employee: Yeah, over there.
Navy guy #2: This is a small. I think I need a medium.
Navy guy #1: Dude, no. Your dick is small.

–Pensacola Beach, Florida

Hot girl to extremely fat guy transfixed by her boobs: What, are you comparing size? Shape? Cause mine might not be as big as yours, but they’re far perkier.

–Uvongo Beach, South Africa

Overheard by: dizziebean

Girl #1: Does Lance have a big peepee?
Girl #2: Yes, all the girls in town know! Ask his ex Barb.

–Kirkland, Washington

Overheard by: mike hunt