Little girl to boy: Guess what?
Boy: What?
Girl: I'm in George's hole!

–Diggers Beach, Australia

Overheard by: Maddy

American tourist looking at beach: Whoa! There's a lot of sand!

–Beach, Australia

Tan guy jogger listening to iPod, shouting: Happy birthday!
Fit lady jogger listening to iPod, shouting: Thanks!

–Bondi Beach, Australia

Overheard by: GGary

Swedish guy: Are you the hippies?
Dreadlock guy: I guess so.
Swedish guy: So, you hippies, do you have the orgies?
Dreadlock girl: Um… We decide that on a hippie by hippie basis.
Swedish guy: Oh, because you say ‘Yes,’ and I sign up now.

–Queenstown, New Zealand

Overheard by: sue

Preppy girl: So about this swine flu thing… like, who would want to have sex with a pig?

–Melbourne, Australia

Overheard by: Kermit

Girl #1, about lyrics to song: Who grows weed in their G-string?
Girl #2: That’s ‘hydroponics,’ but I suppose it might be pretty wet down there. It’s not impossible.

–Finucane Island, Australia

Girl: I’m a backpacker, not a real whore.

–Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

Girl #1: Great, now we can’t go swimming.
Girl #2: Why not?
Girl #1: ‘Cause it’s raining. That’d be, like, double wet.
Girl #2: Oh.

–Ocean Grove Beach, Australia

Overheard by: Alex

Teen girl: We don't eat souvlakis. My dad hates Mexican food.

–Brighton Beach, Australia

Girl #1, looking at sand dunes: Look! A rabbit!
Girl #2: Rabbits can't breath under water.
Girl #3: Sea hare!

–Salt Mantra, NSW Australia