Bimbette announcer during Miss Hampton Beach pageant: … And now our auditor will talibate the results…

–Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Overheard by: Annette

Teenage boy #1: Yeah, Verizon is supposed to get a 4G network sometime soon.
Teenage boy #2: Do you even know what 4G means?
Teenage boy #1: 4 dimensions! Duh!

–Granite Bay, California

Overheard by: AB

Guy #1: Let’s go local hunting.
Hot girl: I don’t want to go fucking local hunting.
Guy #2: You should, it’s mad fun. We went to this local party once and got kicked out.
Guy #1: Yeah, but we got the number of this kid who lives here.
Ugly girl: Wait. People live here?

–Westhampton Beach, New York

Overheard by: Doesn’t live there

Walker #1: So I think I am going to train for the LA marathon.
Walker #2: Really? What’s the cause?
Walker #1: Well, it’s for AIDS. Not that I have AIDS, nor know anyone who does.
Walker #2: Yeah, well, we all know AIDS is bad.

–Olympic & La Cienega Park, Los Angeles, California

Woman walker #1: I would never go out with him – his head is huge, his clothes are always wrinkled, and he doesn’t shower.
Woman walker #2: Ugh.
Woman walker #1: Besides, he smokes.
Woman walker #2: But you smoke, too!
Woman walker #1: I know, but I never date smokers.

–Lake Miramar, California

Overheard by: El Meech

Preppy college girl: I don’t know — I think it would be kind of glamorous to be poor!

–Pennfield Beach, Connecticut

Overheard by: Quirky Corky

Tourist mom: Can you rent a boat at the lake down there?
Employee: Um, no. And that’s the Pacific ocean.

–Coffee Shop, Carmel Beach, California

Girl #1: I think more black people are making their way into the North Shore now!
Girl #2: I know! Yesterday I was at the beach, and I saw a couple of them. But they were being led around by some guy…

–Crane’s Beach, Ipswich, Massachusetts

Asian guy: We should get some fish and chips.
Asian girl: Ooh, I love tartar sauce. It’s my favorite continent.
Asian guy: What?

–Steveston Pier, Richmond, British Columbia

Hot chick to guy friends: Oh my gosh, bimbo! Another bimbo! And another one! Bimbo!

–Del Mar, California