Mechanic, returning car: I got a wireless cable.

–Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

Hot chick: Like, oh my god, Sarah — just Google ‘How an ugly girl can seduce a hot guy.’
Ugly chick: What’s so good about Google anyway?
Hot chick: Like, oh my god — it’s like, well… Google!

–Glenelg, Australia

Teenage boy #1, neck deep in water: Aw, dude! My phone was in my pocket!
Teenage boy #2: (silence)
Teenage boy #1: Dude! I just found a hundred dollar bill!
Teenage boy #2: (silence)
Teenage boy #1: Man, I love that Xbox 360.
Teenage boy #2: Yeah man, yeah!

–Bethany Beach, Delaware

Guy #1: The only problem I have with [my Blackberry] is when I have to type in French.
Guy #2: Oh. My problem with typing in French is that I hate everyone that I’m addressing.

–Jones Beach, New York

Teen girl #1: God, I hate when people bring their cell phones to the beach.
Teen girl #2: I have my cell phone at the beach right now.
Teen girl #1: Me too.

–Ocean Beach, New Jersey

Father: Okay okay okay, let’s go now.
Tween daughter #1: Why? We have company! Can’t we stay?
Father: I have no coverage here. I have calls to make. I have to work. No work, no play, no food, no house, no fun, no beach, no vacation.
Tween daughter #2: No beach?
Father: How do you think this beach got here? My hard work.

–Nauset Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Overheard by: amazed observer

Chinese guy #1, taking picture: It’s too bad the American flag is fluttering in the background.
Chinese guy #2, posing for the shot: Don’t worry, I’ll photoshop it to a Chinese flag on my computer.

Translated from the Chinese.

–Laguna Beach, California

Overheard by: Jackie

Drunk college girl to drunk college boy: We have the same cell phone…we have so much in common!

–Panama City, Florida

Spanish teen: Yo, mami, how ’bout I take a picture of me and you with that camera?
Preppy chick: How ’bout you’re not touching my camera?
Spanish teen: Oh, ouch! I’ll let you hold my phone. It’s worth lots!
Preppy chick: This camera is probably worth more than you are to your own mother.

–Bayfront Beach, Hamilton, Ontario, Canadia

Chick #1: I think I need glasses or something, I can't even read the name of this song.
Chick #2: That's because your iPod is so scratched up.
Chick #1: Oh.

–Ashwaubomay Park Beach, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Overheard by: Melanie