All the Good In­den­tured Servi­tude Po­si­tions Have Been Out­sourced to In­dia

Amer­i­can girl #1: You know what I want to get while I’m here in In­dia? A Sher­pa. That would be so cool.
Amer­i­can girl #2: What’s a Sher­pa?
Amer­i­can girl #1: It’s, like, a peo­ple en­dem­ic to the Hi­malayas. You can buy one, and they car­ry your stuff for you.
Amer­i­can girl #2: Oooh, that sounds nice!

–Goa, In­dia

Over­heard by: Wish I were Cana­di­an

Dear Tony– More Vine­gar, Less Gar­lic — Love, Mar­sha

Ghet­to chick #1: Yo, girl, I can smell you from here.
Ghet­to chick #2: Girl, what you talkin’ ’bout? You bet­ter be talkin’ ’bout my lo­tion.
Ghet­to chick #1: No, girl! I’m talkin’ ’bout your pussy.
Ghet­to chick #2: You crazy, girl. Tony ate it out last night. Ain’t noth­in’ in there to smell!
Ghet­to chick #1: Maybe it’s just the nig­ga’s breath, then.

–Ocean City, Mary­land

Over­heard by: karen g.