20‐something man: Those seagulls sound like your orgasm!
Girlfriend, gesturing at teenagers: Shh! There are little girls over there!


Woman: It wasn’t a boob reduction. It was a boob elimination. You know, a man‐sectomy.

–Warren Dunes, Lake Michigan

Overheard by: Andrea

20‐something girl #1: So, she’s pregnant?
20‐something girl #2: No, I just didn’t want to sit by the soda machine.

–Warren Dunes, Michigan

Tan woman: Did you pack a swimsuit?
Pale woman: Yes, I always do.
Tan woman: So you’ll go to the beach?
Pale woman: I have packed the same suit for my last five summer vacations, it still has the tags on it. What do you think the odds are?

–Emerald Isle Ferry, Michigan

Overheard by: i’m surrounded by water, isn’t that enough

Guy #1: Wow, I guess Michigan is the fattest state.
Guy #2: No way is it the fattest state. Think about Kentucky. An entire town full of fat, ugly chicks, and one Daisy Duke.
Guy #1: Who?
Guy #2: You need to learn more history.

–Lake Michigan

Chick #1: Is it just me, or does that baby over there have really broad shoulders?
Chick #2: Maybe you should get his number.

–Oscoda, Michigan

Overheard by: Kate

A dog is humping a newlywed’s leg.

Mother‐in‐Law: Oh my God, don’t move. I have to get a picture of that!
Son‐in‐Law: Um…
Mother‐in‐Law: Okay, I’ve got the camera. Hump away, Curley!

–Lake Superior

Chubby guy to sister: Sand is rocks that disintegrated over time because of volcanoes.

–The Dunes, Michigan

Girl #1: Oh my god, that guy looks just like Kevin Spacey!
Girl #2: I told you he was stalking me…

–Lake Michigan Shoreline, Michigan

Obnoxiously loud tourist on cell, watching lighthouse: Oh my god! You would just love it here! Everything is so cute and quaint! They even have a building that looks just like a real lighthouse! It lights up and everything!

–Holland State Park, Michigan