Teen girl: Do sea lions swim?
Mom: No, they ride boats.

–Santa Cruz, California

Overheard by: just wanted to take a look at SEA LIONS

Little boy running down the beach: Mother nature’s gone all wrong!

–Santa Monica Beach, California

Overheard by: LilRedSeaglass

Drunk woman at bar: I mean, we had so much in common, you know? He liked red meat, I liked red meat… It was a good relationship.

–Long Beach, California

Girl to friend: I’ve been so tired and hungry lately.
Friend: Maybe you’re pregnant.
Girl: That’s not funny at all. I’m not pro‐abortion or anything, but I’d have to terminate that quick.

–San Diego, California

Overheard by: Brittany

Hippie to friend: Can we go over there and absorb the energy of this band for a minute?

–Santa Cruz, California

Overheard by: Rae

Teenage boy #1: Yeah, Verizon is supposed to get a 4G network sometime soon.
Teenage boy #2: Do you even know what 4G means?
Teenage boy #1: 4 dimensions! Duh!

–Granite Bay, California

Overheard by: AB

Walker #1: So I think I am going to train for the LA marathon.
Walker #2: Really? What’s the cause?
Walker #1: Well, it’s for AIDS. Not that I have AIDS, nor know anyone who does.
Walker #2: Yeah, well, we all know AIDS is bad.

–Olympic & La Cienega Park, Los Angeles, California

Woman walker #1: I would never go out with him – his head is huge, his clothes are always wrinkled, and he doesn’t shower.
Woman walker #2: Ugh.
Woman walker #1: Besides, he smokes.
Woman walker #2: But you smoke, too!
Woman walker #1: I know, but I never date smokers.

–Lake Miramar, California

Overheard by: El Meech

Stoner #1: When I first tried weed, I did not inhale.
Stoner #2: You know, I’ve always wondered why they called it a blow job…
Stoner #1: Why? Did you want one?

–Venice Beach, California

Overheard by: Max

Guy #1: Man, just seeing all these couples together just makes it worse, you know?
Guy #2: Yeah, I hear you. I’m sorry…
Guy #1, shouting at passing couples: It’s all gonna end in tears!

–Huntington Beach, California

Overheard by: Higgins