Camp counselor: Hurry up, or you’ll be left behind!
Kid: Then I’d get to stay here. Awesome!
Camp counselor: Frankly, it’s my last day, so I really don’t care.

–Third Beach, Newport, Rhode Island

Overheard by: Bored Beyond the Beach

Professor #1: Where are you going?
Professor #2, with group of freshmen: Oh, y’know, Friday afternoon — just heading down to the bar.
Professor #1: Um…
Professor #2: The sand bar.

–Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida

Overheard by: I love my major.

Professor to group of girls covered in whitish goo: What happened to you?
Girl #1: Egg sac war.
Girl #2 and Girl #3: Yeah.
Professor: … Ugh.
Guy: I love this class.

–Fort DeSoto Beach, Florida

Overheard by: There’s nothing like lab in the field

Fitness instructor, to participant complaining of leg cramps: Make sure you get a banana in you before you head to work.

–Crescent Bay Park, Santa Monica, California

Overheard by: JD

Professor: Are you guys working or just following a stingray?
Student #1: Working!
Student #2: Um…
Student #3: Both.
Professor: Both?
Student #3: We’re using the stingray to randomly decide where to take our next sample. They eat invertebrates — it’s like a divining rod!

–Fergie Shoals, Florida

Overheard by: Justification is for the geeky

Obnoxious blonde instructor to riding student: That was beautiful! It looked like water ballet!

–Horse Show, West Palm Beach, Florida

Poli-sci professor, on international military education and training: It's like going to Harvard… (class is silent) …Harvard grad school. It's really prestigious.

–UC Santa Cruz