Awww, Gay

Large gay man on bike, calling back to others: Come on, guys! We’re going to miss the Origami!

–Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Overheard by: mj

Crazy bag lady: I’m Ozzy’s mommy!
Queer: No, you’re not! You’re a fucking gross woman who carries around used clothes and a knapsack full of tissues! Plus, Ozzy sucks!
Crazy bag lady: Fag!

–St. Petersburg, Florida

Gay man to another: You are to florist shops as others are to tattoo parlors.

–St. Michaels, Maryland

Overheard by: I am to shoe stores

Queer: … And when he finished on my ass he said, ‘Hold on,’ and took a step backward and did a back flip!

–St. Augustine Beach, Florida

Aussie queer: I know that guy’s gay. That’s got to be his sister. A minute ago a guy came walking up to him that had the same look — tattoos, short hair… That’s usually a giveaway, right? Monkey’s face.
American queer: Monkey’s face? What’s that mean? Is that another Australian colloquialism?
Aussie queer: No, I was just saying the guy’s face looked like a monkey.

–Bronte Beach, Australia

Queer: So, like, let me get this straight. God got this lady pregnant and made her have a baby and then killed it so you could get away with whatever shit you wanted as long as you felt sorry?
Christian guy: Wow… I’ve never heard it put that way…
Queer: Sorry, I meant he killed him, it was a boy.

–Santa Cruz, California

Girl, handing beach towel to gay guy: Here. This one’s for you cuz it’s got fruit on it.
Gay guy: Oh, I’m sorry. Where’s the one with a bitch on it for you?

–Ocean City, Maryland

Overheard by: aoK

Mother: We’re all set for the picnic!
Random gay dude: Oh, really? Yum! What’d you get us?
Mother: Uh, roast pork sandwiches.
Random gay dude: Ooooh, sounds good! (wanders off)
Mother (whispers): You have to be careful what you say around here.

–East Hampton, New York

Overheard by: pop pop

Queer #1, holding apple core: Is this biodegradable?
Queer #2, driving: Yes!
Queer #1: Okay! (tosses it out the window)

–Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Guy #1: I can’t believe you did that! How could you? After all this time! I thought I knew you!
Guy #2, very loudly: It’s my butt and it’s gonna be fucked if I want it to!

–Enseada Beach, Brazil

Overheard by: Natasha