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Ignorance Makes Me Harder than Chinese Algebra

Freshman bikini girl #1: College classes are much more lame than I thought they would be.
Freshman bikini girl #2: Yeah. I mean, who cares about, like, the difference between Chinese and Japanese?
Freshman bikini girl #1: Yeah! Or algebra! Like anyone even cares!
Freshman bikini girl #2: Do you have more baby oil? 

–Cocoa Beach, Florida

Overheard by: a professor who specializes in Asian cultures

We’ll Just Follow Him Up the Food Chain to the Bigger Fish That Are His Suppliers

Professor: Are you guys working or just following a stingray?
Student #1: Working!
Student #2: Um…
Student #3: Both.
Professor: Both?
Student #3: We’re using the stingray to randomly decide where to take our next sample. They eat invertebrates — it’s like a divining rod!

–Fergie Shoals, Florida

Overheard by: Justification is for the geeky