Pop culture

“Jews for Jesus” guy: You like Superman? Take this pamphlet. Read it with all your friends. It will be story time!

Hands out pamphlet that metaphorically describes Jesus as Superman.

Girl: I didn’t realize Jews worshipped Superman.

–Jones Beach, New York

Little boy: Ew, dad! Look! Dog poo!
Father: No, I think that's bat poo.
Little boy: Batman's poo?

–Byron Bay, Australia

Girlfriend: Jon Coulton does a song like that.
Boyfriend: About making monkey-man hybrids?
Girlfriend: Monkey-pony, actually.
Boyfriend: Well, then, he’s my motherfucker.

–St. Augustine, Florida

Annoying woman: That was green before green was really green.

–Santa Monica, California

Scrabble girl #1: Rasheeon?
Scrabble girl #2: It’s “ration.”
Scrabble girl #1: I don’t think that’s a word.
Scrabble girl #2: Come on! You know, like in Cambodia, you get your daily food rations.
Scrabble girl #1: You can’t use Cambodian words.

–Long Beach, New York

Overheard by: Andrew