Drunk Spanish rock dude: This soap, it smells like penis.

–Santander, Spain

Overheard by: Murray

Loud Brit on cell: Oh, yes! We’re finally here! It’s so warm here! All quiet — it’s just beautiful! Will you be along soon? Oh… Ah… Uh-huh… So you’re going to have sex? Right, then — see you in a minute! Bye!

–Barcelona, Spain

Overheard by: Avkram

Big jock: We just need to give America back to the Muslims.

–Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona, Spain

Overheard by: Confesed Passerby

American law student girl: So, you know, in Spain, why is there a beeping sound when the traffic signals change?
English barman: That's so that blind people know when the traffic has stopped.
American law student girl: Oh my god! You let blind people drive?

–Marbella, Spain

Overheard by: the future of justice…

Man: I see you’ve caught the sun a bit!
Fat lady: No, that’s just chub-rub.


Overheard by: Vertman