Salesman: Gringo, gringo. Mexican wrestling mask, Nacho Libre!
Guy: No, dude, sorry. I already bought two today.
Salesman: Señorita, one for you?
Girl: Um, no, thanks.
Salesman: Come on… it will be something different for tonight!
Girl: If I wanted something different, we’d be at the farmacia buying Cialis.

–Puerto Nuevo, Mexico

Trendy Asian chick: I've seen a lot of transvestites in my day, but only one with a beard.
Old, well-dressed Mexican man: He must have forgotten to shave.

–Newport Beach, California

Latina #1: I feel like everybody hates me.
Latina #2: Maybe it’s ’cause you feet stink.

–Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York

Latino guy #1: I'm gonna fuck her so hard she'll feel it in her culo.
Latino guy #2: If she really loved you, she'd let you stick it in her culo.

–Boardwalk, Coney Island, New York

Overheard by: Geni