Mom: What did that lady ask you?
Little girl, wearing “Cerveza With a Smile” shirt: She asked what my shirt said.
Mom: Do you know what it says?
Grandpa: Service with a smile.

–Cedar Point, Ohio

Overheard by: devin the artist

Woman on beach towel: I’ve never met a ferret that didn’t bite me.

–Cleveland, Ohio

Overheard by: Laura From Aurora

Boater #1: Look at all the geese! Will they move out of the way of the boat?
Boater #2: Of course they’ll move. They’re just like birds.

–Lake Erie, Cleveland, Ohio

Overheard by: Beth

Six-year-old girl: Hey! Don't throw sand at me! How would you like it if I threw sand at you? Huh?
Six-year-old boy: Go ahead, I dare you. I wouldn't care, I like the sand. I'll lay down in it right now if you want. Now shut up, and keep digging.

–Fairfield Beach, Ohio

Overheard by: SHU friends

Girl throwing rock over her head: Look, Mom! I’m going to build a jail!

–Mentor Headlands Beach, Mentor, Ohio

Overheard by: Pale Kid