Asian people

Japanese tourist #1 with wet suit on backwards: Hello!
Local surfer: You speak English?
Japanese tourist #2: Yes, yes!
Local surfer: Good. Get the fuck out of here!

–The Hook, Santa Cruz, California

Overheard by: Chrissy

Girl #1: There are a lot of boobs here.
Girl #2: Yeah, but they are all 60 years old, fat, and saggy.

–Valencia, Spain

Overheard by: Rolo 

Chubby man, kicking around the sand: Hey, have you guys seen a set of keys over here?
Asian girl: Um. No. Sorry.
Chubby man: Shit. I must have buried the car keys in the sand on accident. My wife’s gonna kill me.
Asian girl: I haven’t seen any keys, unfortunately.
Chubby man: Hey, do you think the beach has a Lost and Found box anywhere?

–Big Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Overheard by: Responsible Tourist

American: Why did she stare at me like that? Is my accent that horrible? Did I say something wrong?
Japanese‐American: Your accent isn’t that bad. But you made the Japanese “fuck you” gesture with your hands.

–Beach near Tokyo

Teen boy: Ugh. This tanning oil gets so hot! Maybe it will fry off my back zits. Hey, move over, I want to lay down so the sun will burn off my back zits.

–Beach, Rhode Island