Spring breakers

Spring break girl #1, holding cereal: I think I’ll have this for breakfast.
Spring break girl #2: I’m having alcohol for breakfast.
Spring break girl #1, putting cereal back: Oooh, good idea!

–Panama City Beach, Florida

Overheard by: Lsquared

Sketchy salesman: Hey, pretty ladies!
American girls: [Ignore him.]Sketchy salesman: Stop being so American! That’s why you’re single!

–Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Overheard by: PlayaChicas

Frat boy: So, you guys are going back to the room? I think I’m gonna stay here a little — have another beer, then go take a shower. Beer and a shower. That’s how I roll.

–Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Overheard by: That’s Not How I Roll