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Hippie guy: You know — he’s Stone… Oh, wait! He started wearing shoes!
Hippie girl: Well, that is a change!

–Maui, Hawaii

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[Yeah, Until It Melts]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=605 2017-09-23T15:48:30Z 2017-09-23T15:48:30Z Teen girl #1: Hey, you can have some of my Coke if you want.
Teen girl #2: Yeah, thanks [sips]. Ugh, it has ice. I’m allergic to ice.
Dude: Oh my god, really? You’re allergic to ice?!

–Sydney, Australia

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[She's Already Fast-Forwarded the Kid Through Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and God]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=296 2017-09-23T03:37:15Z 2017-09-23T03:37:15Z Young Boy: Mommy Mommy, they have Nemo in that fish tank!
Mom: Honey, Nemo’s dead.

–Antigua, the Caribbean

Overheard by: Ollie

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[It Was at Once Zesty and Explosive!]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=1647 2017-09-22T14:13:01Z 2017-09-22T14:13:01Z Older guy: We had dinner there earlier in the week. I got food poisoning.
Young kayaking guide: Really? Was it good?

–York Beach, Maine

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[Some Carousels Are More Intense Than Others]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=723 2017-09-22T01:11:17Z 2017-09-22T01:11:17Z Girl: I would have stayed on longer, but my swimsuit was on one ankle!

–Madison Lake, Minnesota

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[David Lynch's Dune: The Director's Cut]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=405 2017-09-21T12:23:23Z 2017-09-21T12:23:23Z Girl: Hey, Daddy, look, I am riding a giant sand penis.
Daddy: I really don’t want to ever hear you say that again.
Girl: Daddy, do you want to ride the giant sand penis?

–Biloxi, Mississippi

Overheard by: Lori Lou Who

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[…and Embarrass Me in Front Of My Criminal Enterprise Assoicates]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=1637 2017-09-21T00:13:12Z 2017-09-21T00:13:12Z Tattooed dad to two-year-old daughter struggling to get on tricycle: Remember, sweetie, always get on from the left so you don't burn yourself on the exhaust pipe.

–Playground, Alameda, California

Overheard by: lith

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[Indigenous Australians: Thanks, but We're Not Accepting Recruits]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=1702 2017-09-20T11:32:01Z 2017-09-20T11:32:01Z Little boy #1: I'm getting really tanned on this holiday.
Little boy #2: Yeah, you're turning into an aboriginal. When I grow up I want to be an aboriginal like you.

–Batemans Bay, Australia

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[On the Plus Side, Chemotherapy Makes You Throw Up]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=1719 2017-09-19T22:42:08Z 2017-09-19T22:42:08Z Woman: I really hate diets. I mean, I guess I could start smoking. But isn't that bad for your lungs or something?

–Santa Barbara, California

Overheard by: something like that

beach http://beach.wpengine.com <![CDATA[She Claims Her Body Needs These 'Calories' to Survive]]> http://beach.wpengine.com/?p=313 2017-09-19T10:28:12Z 2017-09-19T10:28:12Z Ditz #1: She was drinking a soda, and it wasn’t even diet.
Ditz #2: You’re fucking kidding me. It wasn’t diet?

–San Diego, California

Overheard by: awesome teyie