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On the Oth­er Hand, if Her Nails are Fake…

Black chick walks by two white guys on the beach.

White guy #1: She is pret­ty hot. I’m gonna go talk to her.
White guy #2: Chicks like that al­ways have some huge black dude wait­ing to beat your ass for look­ing at them.
White guy #1: I can tell she dates white men.
White guy #2: How?
White guy #1: Her tits are fake.

–South Beach, Flori­da

Over­heard by: PS

I Thought You Were Talk­ing About Those Tourist Lo­cals

Guy #1: Let’s go lo­cal hunt­ing.
Hot girl: I don’t want to go fuck­ing lo­cal hunt­ing.
Guy #2: You should, it’s mad fun. We went to this lo­cal par­ty once and got kicked out.
Guy #1: Yeah, but we got the num­ber of this kid who lives here.
Ug­ly girl: Wait. Peo­ple live here?

–West­hamp­ton Beach, New York

Over­heard by: Does­n’t live there