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If This Ends With Adult Diapers, I'm Outta Here

Guy #1: So step one is where she's peeing and he comes in to pee and she spreads her legs far to open up a space into the toilet and he pees in that space. Guy #2 no, step one is where she's really drunk and he's really drunk and she's in the bathroom peeing and he barges in to pee too and she doesn't freak out.
Guy #1: Oh yeah, that makes more sense. There's a progression.
Guy #2: So then what you said first is step two and then step three is where they're both drunk and she's peeing and he walks in the bathroom and not only does she not freak out, but she allows him to dip his hand in her stream of urine.
Girl: What the fuck? Why would he do that?
Guy #1: That's just how he rolls. But you see the progression, right? And the whole point is that if she doesn't freak out, she's a keeper.

–Tybee Island, GA

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Shark: This Job Just Keeps Getting Harder

Blonde: Oh my god, I’ve been watching ‘Shark Week’ on TV, and this guy got his hand bitten off. It was crazy! It was a show about survivors, and they showed the scars and everything!
Brunette: That is crazy. I don’t know how I’d live without my hands. I’d rather have the shark bite off my arm.

–Virginia Beach, Virginia

Overheard by: Steve

Dear Mythbusters…

Tattooed, bare-chested male #1: You could definitely walk a dog out here.
Tattooed, bare-chested male #2: You cannot! If you bring a dog onto a hot ass fuckin' boardwalk, the heat does not escape through his balls or his tongue.

–Coney Island Boardwalk, New York

Overheard by: SMS

… I Got Better

Beach bunny #1: I totally slept with Brandon last night.
Beach bunny #2: How was it?
Beach bunny #1: Awesome. He was so fucking huge he, like, broke my vagina.
Beach bunny #2: Damn. That’s saying a lot.
Beach bunny #1, happily: I know! I’m a total whore!

–Del Mar Beach, San Diego, California

Overheard by: Brandon stole my girlfriend

And Not a Good-Looking One, Either

Aussie queer: I know that guy’s gay. That’s got to be his sister. A minute ago a guy came walking up to him that had the same look — tattoos, short hair… That’s usually a giveaway, right? Monkey’s face.
American queer: Monkey’s face? What’s that mean? Is that another Australian colloquialism?
Aussie queer: No, I was just saying the guy’s face looked like a monkey.

–Bronte Beach, Australia