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I'll Lend You My Scissors

Little girl: Do a lot of guys try to kiss you at college?
College chick: Ummm… I’m pretty, but that doesn’t mean guys just suddenly try and kiss me.
Little girl: What do you do when they do?
College chick: I think I would slap them.
Little girl: What if he’s naked?
College chick: What, so a naked guy comes up to me and tries to kiss me?
Little girl: What if he gets naked for you?
College chick: How old are you, again?
Little girl: What if he’s naked and there’s sex?
College chick: [Long pause] Uhhh… Do you mean rape?
Little girl: What if he’s like, um, naked and there’s sex?
College chick: … What the…?!

–Coronado Beach, San Diego, California

Overheard by: chippy

I'm Guessing The Sopranos

Little girl: I’m gonna… I’m gonna cut off your head with a knife!
Mother, shocked: Where did you hear that kind of language?!
Little girl: Ummm, I don’t know…
Mother: You must have heard it somewhere!
Little girl: I made it up! … Is pepperoni meat?
Mother: Yes.

–Oceanside, California

Overheard by: kafrin

I'm Not Pregnant

Man: I can’t believe how much gas we saved by renting that car instead of taking mine.
Woman: Yeah, but how come you can fart in it, but I can’t smoke?