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Like Cock

Big Brook­lyn dude #1: I re­al­ly wan­na see The Dev­il Wears Pra­da. I heard it’s the fun­ni­est movie ever.
Big Brook­lyn dude #2: Yeah, man, but I re­al­ly wan­na read the book first.
Big Brook­lyn dude #1: Yeah, yeah! It’s not just for chicks, man!
Big Brook­lyn dude #2: It’s not just for chicks.

–Rock­away Beach, New York


Gui­do: I re­al­ly wan­na get a tan to­day.
Bored girl: Sure.
Gui­do: Do you think there’s enough sun to get a tan to­day?
Bored girl: I don’t know. Maybe.
Gui­do: Will go­ing in the wa­ter help me get a tan?
Bored girl: It might.
Gui­do: I re­al­ly wan­na get tan.
Bored girl: So where are you go­ing to col­lege?

–Coney Is­land