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Do You Know How Ba­bies Are Made?

16-year-old girl: Look, a rain­bow!
16-year-old boy: Yeah… Do you know how rain­bows are made?
16-year-old girl: Of course — when the sun hits the moun­tains–
16-year-old boy: –Okay, I’m gonna stop you there be­fore you say some­thing stu­pid.

–Reyk­javík, Ice­land

Over­heard by: RoKKeRiNN

Decades of Watch­ing the Weath­er Chan­nel Has Com­plete­ly At­ro­phied Her Weath­er Sense

Woman: I think I just heard thun­der… do you think it’s gonna rain soon?
Life­guard, look­ing in­to clear sky: Mmm… yeah. You might want to leave soon. It’s prob­a­bly gonna rain any minute now.
Woman: Oh, OK. Hey, kids! Let’s go! It looks like it’s gonna rain!

–Caro­ga Lake, New York

Over­heard by: Marc Wi­ley