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The Obe­si­ty Epi­dem­ic is Start­ing Younger and Younger, You Know

Ven­dor: Okay, here’s your small fries and Di­et Coke. Will that be all?
La­dy: That’s a Di­et Coke, right?
Ven­dor: Right, I just poured it. Di­et Coke.
La­dy: You’re sure? Di­et? Not reg­u­lar?
Ven­dor: That’s right. It’s Di­et Coke.
La­dy: Be­cause I’m preg­nant and I don’t want to harm my ba­by, so I can on­ly have Di­et Coke un­til my due date.

–Gar­ry Point, Rich­mond, British Co­lum­bia, Cana­dia

Over­heard by: ap­palled cus­tomer wait­ing for fish and chips