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There Aren't Even Any Hypodermic Needles!

Ignorant yankee cunt: It's ok here, I mean the guys are alright but maybe a little too slow for me. But the beach is so clean and the water is too clear. You can see the fish and stuff.
Twin looking girlfriend: Yeah! I know what you mean.

–destin, fl

Overheard by: davo

What's More Flattering Than Becoming Whacking Material?

Cute brunette in black bikini to boyfriend: Can we go? There's a guy over there filming us.
Boyfriend: Where?
Brunette: Over there, in the white shorts. What a creeper!
(a few minutes after)
Brunette's female friend: White shorts is going in the water. I hope he gets his camera wet.
Brunette: It's actually kinda flattering.
Boyfriend: First you're all insulted, and now your flattered. Pfft!

–Beach, Chicago, Illinois