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Is­n’t That a Game for Xbox 360?

Lit­tle girl, play­ing in pool at ho­tel: Nana, what beach are we at?
Old­er woman: Myr­tle beach.
Lit­tle girl: Mur­der beach!
Rest of kids in pool: Mur­der beach! We’re at mur­der beach!
Lit­tle boy: Hey, let’s play mur­der beach. I’ll kill you and rob your dead body!

–Myr­tle Beach, South Car­oli­na

Over­heard by: Marisa Eng­lish

And a Del­i­cate Flower

Girl in jeans: Did you se­ri­ous­ly just ride side-sad­dle on the mer­ry-go-round?
Girl in long skirt: Fuck you, I’m a mag­i­cal fuckin’ princess.

–San­ta Cruz, Cal­i­for­nia

Moral: You Should Have Done This Drunk.

a mom is com­fort­ing her son who hit his head.
Grand­ma: Don’t wor­ry, your grand­fa­ther used to get drunk and run in­to the wall. Then he would get an­gry and start punch­ing it!

–A Beach in Utah

By Every­one

14-year-old girl to group of friends: “yeah, vod­ka, man, that shit is strong. Like, 14 shots and I’m done.”

–Hunt­ing­ton Beach, CA