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Grown-ups Use MySpace

14-year-old skater dude rolling up to two friends hugging: I thought you two broke up… over the phone… like little bitches.

–Hermosa Beach, California

Overheard by: therigo

Mmm, Freedomlicious!

Teen girl: Why are there feathers, like, all around our blankets?
Teen boy: Because I just ate a fucking bald eagle and enjoyed it.

–Horseneck Beach, Westport, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Bologna Sandwich

She Has No Idea How Awkward Her First Sexual Experience Is Going to Be

Teen girl: I can’t believe I’m drunk! I’m drunk! In Italy! I am 17 and drunk. Oh yeah, and I’m with my parents! The first time I’m drunk, in a foreign country, under 21, with you people, and I’m in Italy?
Teen girl’s mother: It is better this way. At least you are with people who care.

–Nova Siri, Italy

Overheard by: only other american in the place

You Could Have Had a Friend in Pennsylvania, But Nooo…

Tourist guy: I hate these tourists! They think they’re so cool, just coming down for the weekend in their little homes, fucking up the traffic and making parking difficult. Go home!
Local teen: Your license plate says you’re from Pennsylvania.
Tourist guy: I rent for the summer. I guess I’m kinda like you, in a sense.
Local teen: Bitch, please.

–Bethany Beach, Delaware

Overheard by: beach native