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She Wan­dered In­to a For­eign Film Fes­ti­val at the Bi­jou

Teen girl #1: Have you been go­ing to church late­ly?
Teen girl #2: Yeah, I found a new church I re­al­ly like.
Teen girl #1: Re­al­ly?
Teen girl #2: Yeah, it like smells all creepy, and, like, they speak in tongues. It is re­al­ly scary, so I will prob­a­bly go to this one!
Teen girl #1: Cool. Maybe I’ll go with you.

–Shils­hole Beach, Seat­tle, Wash­ing­ton

Over­heard by: Why do those peo­ple have goatskins on?

The Re­al Rea­son For­mu­la Was In­vent­ed

20-Some­thing daugh­ter: Dad! Hur­ry up and take the pic­ture; mom’s press­ing her boobs in­to my back!
Mom: I’m sor­ry! You suck­led from these boobs, you know.
20-Some­thing daugh­ter: Well, clear­ly I quit for a rea­son.
Dad: Yeah. Be­cause you were too tired of fight­ing me for them.

–Re­hoboth Beach, Delaware

Over­heard by: Kate

When Cal­i­forn­ian Chil­dren Are Born to Oth­er­wise Nor­mal Cana­di­an Par­ents

Teenage girl in ex­pen­sive yo­ga pants to meek moth­er: Move to France? Why the hell would I move to France? That’s the dumb­est thing I’ve heard you say in, like, for­ev­er. Stop try­ing to live your, like, stu­pid dreams and stuff through me!

–Cof­fee Shop in the Beach, Toron­to, Cana­dia

Shark: Ralph, Do You Have to Play the Jaws Theme Non-Stop?

Mid­dle aged tourist yelling fran­ti­cal­ly to chil­dren in the wa­ter: Get out, get out! There’s sharks!
Teenag­er with skim­board: Ac­tu­al­ly, those are a school of stingrays. They’re quite harm­le…
Mid­dle age moth­er, cut­ting him off: Shaaarks! Get out now!

–Clear­wa­ter Beach, Flori­da

Over­heard by: Jon­i­ca Gromp­son