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Do You Know How Ba­bies Are Made?

16-year-old girl: Look, a rain­bow!
16-year-old boy: Yeah… Do you know how rain­bows are made?
16-year-old girl: Of course — when the sun hits the moun­tains–
16-year-old boy: –Okay, I’m gonna stop you there be­fore you say some­thing stu­pid.

–Reyk­javík, Ice­land

Over­heard by: RoKKeRiNN

Hey, at Least He Con­nect­ed the Right An­i­mal with the Right Coun­try

Amer­i­can: Hey, you’re from Aus­tralia, right?
Aus­tralian: Yeah. I’m just here on hol­i­day.
Amer­i­can: Right. I thought you had an Aussie ac­cent. So you’re not fa­mil­iar with cars, hey? It’s all about kan­ga­roos where you come from?
Aus­tralian, laugh­ing: Yep… that’s right.