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Every­body Talks About So­cial Dar­win­ism, but On­ly the Span­ish Do It

Amer­i­can law stu­dent girl: So, you know, in Spain, why is there a beep­ing sound when the traf­fic sig­nals change?
Eng­lish bar­man: That’s so that blind peo­ple know when the traf­fic has stopped.
Amer­i­can law stu­dent girl: Oh my god! You let blind peo­ple dri­ve?

–Mar­bel­la, Spain

Over­heard by: the fu­ture of jus­tice…

Ig­no­rance Makes Me Hard­er than Chi­nese Al­ge­bra

Fresh­man biki­ni girl #1: Col­lege class­es are much more lame than I thought they would be.
Fresh­man biki­ni girl #2: Yeah. I mean, who cares about, like, the dif­fer­ence be­tween Chi­nese and Japan­ese?
Fresh­man biki­ni girl #1: Yeah! Or al­ge­bra! Like any­one even cares!
Fresh­man biki­ni girl #2: Do you have more ba­by oil?

–Co­coa Beach, Flori­da

Over­heard by: a pro­fes­sor who spe­cial­izes in Asian cul­tures