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Not Smart Enough to Capitalize on Free Pussy

Bimbette looking at guy reading GRE study guide: What’s that?
Guy: Huh? [Bimbette points to title.] It’s a test I need to take to get my Master’s. [Bimbette looks confused.] It’s like the SATs for graduate school.
Bimbette: So you’re, like, smart and shit. [Guy stares at her and then walks away.] –St. Pete Beach, Florida Overheard by: Chicagoan in FL

All We Asked Was, "Which Way Is North?"

Big-boobed lady to a man’s wife: Yes, they’re real. Would you like to feel for yourself? You’re staring at them more than your husband is. –New Smyrna Beach, Florida Overheard by: trying not to make like I was listening

I Am Parko, Almighty Parking Deity. Give Me Your Worldly Goods or Roam the Melting Streets Forever!

Parking lot attendant: Thirty dollars.
Woman: Last time I was here, you charged me five dollars.
Parking lot attendant: I should be charging you the same amount as it is degrees outside. I should be charging you like ninety three dollars. –Hampton Beach, New Hampshire Overheard by: arc, mich

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Pompous failed astronomer: So, the reason there was a half moon last night was that the Earth gets in between the sun and the moon [arranges water bottles to demonstrate]. It’s kind of like an eclipse, but the Earth only covers half the moon, so you see the rest.
Chick: Oh, okay. Interesting.
Pompous failed astronomer: It’s really just thinking logically. Something has to cast a shadow on the moon. –Bethany Beach, Delaware Overheard by: not the only one laughing at him