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But Has Few­er Carbs

Chick #1: My dog won’t eat its food un­less we mix cot­tage cheese in it.
Chick #2: Ew, cot­tage cheese is dis­gust­ing.
Chick #1: Yeah, I hear it looks like a yeast in­fec­tion.

–Hilton Head, South Car­oli­na

It’s a Sell­er’s Mar­ket

Man #1: Hey, man, what you do­ing?
Man #2: Oh, noth­ing. Just watch­ing this whore get­ting a cus­tomer across the street.
Man #1: Huh? How do you know she’s a whore?
Man #2: ‘Cause we’ve been stand­ing here for about an hour and she’s been lean­ing against dif­fer­ent cars talk­ing, get­ting in, leav­ing, and com­ing back. Be­sides, she’s dressed like a whore.
Man #3: So are half the peo­ple here.

–Myr­tle Beach, South Car­oli­na

Over­heard by: Les

Hap­pens Every Time She Watch­es The O’Reil­ly Fac­tor

Quick-walk­ing woman leav­ing voice mail: Hey, it’s me. I need you to call me as soon as you get this. I have nev­er want­ed to chop some­one’s dick off as much I as I do right now. He is a low-down ly­ing piece of shit, and I hope he fuck­ing dies. I mean, a fuck­ing trac­tor-trail­er could run his fuck­ing sono­fabitch ass over and I would be per­fect­ly fine. Okay, talk to you soon, I love you!

–Myr­tle Beach, South Car­oli­na

Not Ex­act­ly Rent, But It’ll Do

Tanned man #1: Look at those fags over there!
Tanned man #2: Which ones?
Tanned man #1: The two over there, sit­ting with those four hot girls with the fine ass­es, big tits, and tiny biki­nis.
Tanned man #2: Wait. You and I are alone. Those two guys have two girls each. Sounds like we’re the fags.

–Myr­tle Beach, South Car­oli­na

Over­heard by: D Mey­ers