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Two Words: Iron­clad Prenup

Ana #1: Oh my god, look at that guy. He’s huge!
Ana #2: Like, re­al­ly, some­one needs to in­tro­duce him to Weight Watch­ers or some­thing!
Girl passer­by: Hey, snug­gle­butt! [Gives large guy hug and kiss.]Ana #1: What the fuck?
Ana #2: Girl­friend? That fat whale?
Girl passer­by: Hus­band. And you two might have men in your lives if you ac­tu­al­ly had boobs rather than a caved-in skele­ton chest. Come on, schnookums, let’s go get some ice cream.

–West­er­ly, Rhode Is­land

Over­heard by: blan­ket not far away, laug­ing my ass off