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I Was Told This Was a Gat­ed Com­mu­ni­ty

Mom: I don’t think we can stay at this ho­tel the whole time.
Daugh­ter: Why? What’s wrong? It’s not that bad…
Mom: No, there’s just so many Mex­i­cans at the pool.
Daugh­ter: We’re in Mex­i­co, moth­er!

–Puer­to Val­lar­ta, Mex­i­co

That Was the Hottest Thing I’ve Ever Seen. I Dream about Her Every Night.

Doc­tor: This woman came in­to the ER the oth­er day who had cut her­self on the fore­head, but in­stead of us­ing a tow­el or some­thing to stop the bleed­ing, she wrapped her head up like sev­en times with duct tape.
Dork: Holy shit! How did you get it off of her?
Doc­tor: We had to cut it off in lit­tle strips. She looked like a Her­shey’s Kiss.
Dork: What, you mean she was black?
Doc­tor: Yes!

–Crane Beach, Mass­a­chu­setts

In the Same Way That Tel­e­van­ge­lists Heal

Lit­tle boy: Mom, Jew­ish peo­ple are from the desert, right?
Mom: Yeah.
Lit­tle boy: So why are they in Mi­a­mi?
Mom: The beach is like a desert — with wa­ter, though.
Lit­tle boy: Oh. What about black peo­ple?
Mom: Sweet­ie, they’re just tan. They’re all just tan. Now go play. [pause] It’s like I’m heal­ing the world.

–Mi­a­mi, Flori­da