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John Mer­rick Works Out Ob­ses­sive­ly

Girl #1: Look at that guy’s head. It’s so weird­ly shaped.
Girl #2: Why does it do that at the back? Like, what’s with the way it folds at the back?
Girl #1: Oooh, he has some nice­ly shaped bi­ceps, though! Wow!
Girl #2: Yeah, he makes it ob­vi­ous by putting his arms up like that to dis­tract from his head.
Girl #1: He’s to­tal­ly do­ing that.
Girl #2: He’s sit­ting there go­ing, “hey ladies, don’t look at my odd­ly shaped head. Look at my nice­ly shaped bi­ceps in­stead.” (pause) Hey, that rhymed.

–Long Beach, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: Rachel