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Oh, Brit­ney Spears, You Wacky Scamp

Un­der­age girl #1: Yeah, but I’m not go­ing to feel okay us­ing my ID if every­one here is from Ohio. They’re go­ing to know it’s fake.
Un­der­age girl #2: Shhh… There’s peo­ple in here.
Un­der­age girl #1: I don’t care.
Girl in stall, com­ing out to wash hands: I know what you guys mean about the Ohio thing. Mini­vans… I just moved here from New York.
Un­der­age girl #1: Oh?
Girl from stall: I hate it here. I just had a ba­by. He’s three months old, with­out a fa­ther…
Un­der­age girl #2: Oh my god. I’m so sor­ry…
Girl from stall: Then my dad left us. He left our fam­i­ly af­ter 25 years. He left us all be­hind.
Un­der­age girl #1: Oh, uh…
Girl from stall: It’s al­right. Have a nice night.

–Hilton Head, South Car­oli­na

Over­heard by: Awk­ward…