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MTV: It’s Not Every­body’s Cup of Teabag

Moth­er to fa­ther: Oh my! Jer­ry, say some­thing to that old man. His tes­ti­cles are hang­ing out of his swim­suit.
Lit­tle girl: I have tes­ti­cles. They’re in my mouth. [Opens mouth]Mother: Not ton­sils. Tes­ti­cles!
Fa­ther: Sev­en, and al­ready MTV has ru­ined her.

–Vir­ginia Beach, Vir­ginia

Over­heard by: Book Read­ing Beach Bum

There Are So Few Drink­ing Songs

Amer­i­can #1: This lo­cal song, ‘Cacha­ca,’ is weird. Is­n’t that the same word that they use for that booze? That’s like hav­ing a song just called, like, ‘Tequi­la’ or some­thing.
Amer­i­can #2: … There is a song called ‘Tequi­la.’ It was in Pee-wee’s Big Ad­ven­ture.

–Sal­vador, Brazil

Over­heard by: E. Vill. Ge­nius

I Think They Even Did Splits!

Large la­dy in el­e­va­tor to an­oth­er: The kids brought back this DVD, they said it was PG-13… Well they start­ed it up and it was raunchy! It had cheer­lead­ers in it and god knows what else.

–Ma­jes­tic Beach Tow­ers, Pana­ma City Beach, Flori­da

Over­heard by: Head­ing to Block­busters to find that DVD!