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Dude, Everybody Used to Wear Their Hair Like That

Suburban man #1: What about Sam Adams?
Suburban man #2: Ugh, I hate all Sam Adams beers. I would never touch the stuff.
Suburban man #1: Why?
Suburban man #2: Well, Sam Adams was a gay man. And, well, I believe in gayness, but I just don’t think gay people can make beer.

–Lake Waubeeka, Connecticut

Overheard by: Hametuka

There Are So Few Drinking Songs

American #1: This local song, ‘Cachaca,’ is weird. Isn’t that the same word that they use for that booze? That’s like having a song just called, like, ‘Tequila’ or something.
American #2: … There is a song called ‘Tequila.’ It was in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.

–Salvador, Brazil

Overheard by: E. Vill. Genius