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So They Both Just Lie There?

Girl #1: I was talk­ing to Jess* the oth­er day. She’s been home for a while.
Girl #2: Is­n’t she a les­bian now?
Girl #1: Yeah, she was with her girl­friend, Michelle, who was re­al­ly nice and re­al­ly hot.
Girl #2: So, Jess is like the boy, right?
Girl #1: No. They are both girls.

–St. Kil­da Beach, Aus­tralia

Over­heard by: one of those les­bians who dates boys

Dude, Every­body Used to Wear Their Hair Like That

Sub­ur­ban man #1: What about Sam Adams?
Sub­ur­ban man #2: Ugh, I hate all Sam Adams beers. I would nev­er touch the stuff.
Sub­ur­ban man #1: Why?
Sub­ur­ban man #2: Well, Sam Adams was a gay man. And, well, I be­lieve in gay­ness, but I just don’t think gay peo­ple can make beer.

–Lake Waubee­ka, Con­necti­cut

Over­heard by: Hame­tu­ka