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All the Good In­den­tured Servi­tude Po­si­tions Have Been Out­sourced to In­dia

Amer­i­can girl #1: You know what I want to get while I’m here in In­dia? A Sher­pa. That would be so cool.
Amer­i­can girl #2: What’s a Sher­pa?
Amer­i­can girl #1: It’s, like, a peo­ple en­dem­ic to the Hi­malayas. You can buy one, and they car­ry your stuff for you.
Amer­i­can girl #2: Oooh, that sounds nice!

–Goa, In­dia

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It’s Good That You Both Are Plan­ning Ahead For Your Fu­tures as Va­grants

Meat­head: God, there are an aw­ful lot of bums here.
Ditzy girl: I know. But think about it, be­ing a bum in San Diego is to­tal­ly smart. It’s nev­er cold, and they can just sleep on the beach, and the church around the cor­ner from my house feeds them for free every day. They’ve got it made!
Meat­head: To­tal­ly. Be­ing a bum here must rock. If I ever need to, I’m gonna be a bum here.
Ditzy girl: I know. I don’t know why peo­ple would be bums any­where else. I mean, how stu­pid. If you’re gonna be home­less, do it in San Diego. Duh.

–Pa­cif­ic Beach, San Diego, Cal­i­for­nia

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Point Tak­en

Meat­head: Dude! Your trunks, they’re too short.
Hot dude wear­ing 80s trunks: Dude! This is Amer­i­ca, I can wear what­ev­er I want.
Meat­head: This is not Amer­i­ca. This is New Jer­sey!

–Jer­sey Shore, New Jer­sey