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Ac­tu­al­ly, She Sold Me for a Much Bet­ter Cam­era Than That

Span­ish teen: Yo, ma­mi, how ’bout I take a pic­ture of me and you with that cam­era?
Prep­py chick: How ’bout you’re not touch­ing my cam­era?
Span­ish teen: Oh, ouch! I’ll let you hold my phone. It’s worth lots!
Prep­py chick: This cam­era is prob­a­bly worth more than you are to your own moth­er.

–Bayfront Beach, Hamil­ton, On­tario, Cana­dia

And This Next Slide Is Me on Mars…

Chi­nese guy #1, tak­ing pic­ture: It’s too bad the Amer­i­can flag is flut­ter­ing in the back­ground.
Chi­nese guy #2, pos­ing for the shot: Don’t wor­ry, I’ll pho­to­shop it to a Chi­nese flag on my com­put­er.

Trans­lat­ed from the Chi­nese.

–La­gu­na Beach, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: Jack­ie