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Ex­cept Freck­les and His Friends, Which Is Re­al­ly Tired

Girl #1: Oh wow, you got so many freck­les to­day!
Guy: Why does every­one keep say­ing that? Do freck­les come from the sun or some­thing?
Girl #2: Um… yeah?
Guy: I just kin­da thought they showed up. Like some­times they’re here, and some­times they’re not.
Girl #1: Um, no, it’s not ran­dom. Like, I ate some cheese, so now I’m freck­led.
Girl #2: Or, I’m re­al­ly freck­led cuz I’m tired.

–Par­adise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Over­heard by: Jules

Guess Mom­my’s Nev­er Seen a Re­al Woman

Woman to friend: Look at that woman. She so fat, we should call Green­peace to roll her back in the ocean.
Lit­tle girl pass­ing by fat woman: My mom­my says Green­peace should roll you back in­to the ocean!

–Zand­voort, Nether­lands

Over­heard by: Lin­da

You May Have to Steal Un­cle Gad­get’s Hy­dro­car…

Blond over­tanned guy: Wow, I would rather like to be lay­ing on the beach in Spain right now!
Blond over­tanned girl: Yeah, and we could like dri­ve down to Mex­i­co and stuff!
Blond over­tanned guy: Hmm…no. You don’t dri­ve down to Mex­i­co from Spain…
Blond over­tanned girl: Oh! Wrong di­rec­tion? Is it to the left?

–Nau­thólsvík Beach, Ice­land

Over­heard by: the guy who wish­es he was­n’t blonde