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So God Does Play Dice With the Uni­verse!

Girl: He gets so tan!
Guy: I tell you, you look at his hand and you’d think that man was black!
Girl: You know, his mom’s hus­band is black. That’s why we tease him about that so much.
Guy: Re­al­ly? His step-dad is black?
Girl: Yeah.
Guy: Would­n’t you be pissed?
Girl: Yeah, well, his mom treats him like shit any­way.

Brief pause.

Girl: I’m re­think­ing the doc­tor thing.
Guy: Re­al­ly?
Girl: Yeah, sur­geon or on­col­o­gist or what­ev­er I be­come. I would­n’t be able to have a fam­i­ly.

–Re­hoboth, Delaware

Over­heard by: kris­ten