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I Miss Her

Fa­ther point­ing to ocean: Hey, John, look at the dol­phins! [Sev­en-year-old boy looks around, not see­ing them.] You’re miss­ing them! You’re miss­ing them like you miss every­thing! You’re just like your moth­er!

–Re­hoboth Beach, Delaware

Over­heard by: Got to re­mem­ber that for when I am a par­ent

The Court Re­porter Will Read the Wit­ness’s Pre­vi­ous Tes­ti­mo­ny

Girl #1: Do you think be­fore you speak?
Girl #2: Well, some­times I just run my mouth off and hope what I’m say­ing is true. But then I fig­ure, if it’s not, who’s go­ing to call me on it?
Girl #1: So…tell me about what hap­pened last night again?
Girl #2: Wait, what did I tell you? I don’t re­mem­ber if I lied.

–Dewey Beach, Delaware

Over­heard by: Chel Sea