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You Can’t Se­ri­ous­ly Ex­pect Frank to Give Up a Pos­si­ble Bite Just to Save Some­one

Red­neck girl: Frank was out fish­ing with the guy who drowned yes­ter­day.
Red­neck boyfriend: Did he try to save him?
Red­neck girl: No, he was fish­ing — I told you. He thought he had one on the line.
Red­neck boyfriend: Did he?
Red­neck girl: No, it was just the wa­ter.
Red­neck boyfriend: I thought you were gonna say it was the guy who drowned.

–Hol­land State Park, Michi­gan

Over­heard by: Town­ie

Did­n’t Robo­Cop De­stroy the Place?

Old man: I think it’s too late to swim, the oil is wash­ing up on the beach.
Old woman: Yeah, it’s too late for a lot of things now.
Old man: We should move back to De­troit. It’s less pol­lut­ed.
Old woman: I don’t want to die in De­troit. Re­mem­ber, we had this con­ver­sa­tion al­ready.

–Pier, St Pe­ters­burg, Flori­da

Over­heard by: Sandy Paws