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Actually, She Sold Me for a Much Better Camera Than That

Spanish teen: Yo, mami, how ’bout I take a picture of me and you with that camera?
Preppy chick: How ’bout you’re not touching my camera?
Spanish teen: Oh, ouch! I’ll let you hold my phone. It’s worth lots!
Preppy chick: This camera is probably worth more than you are to your own mother.

–Bayfront Beach, Hamilton, Ontario, Canadia

Have You Tried Blackmail?

Girl #1, looking at fake sex pills: You should get him this one: “One Large Dose of Lovin’.“
Girl #2: Bitch, it’s going to take more than some candy to get him to fuck me!

–Novelty shop, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Overheard by: Ava