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Last Night, I Woke Up and He Was Lick­ing My Ass!

Na­ture’s mishap: I can’t take off this tow­el.
Log­i­cal friend: Why? You do have some­thing on un­der that.
Na­ture’s mishap: Well, no.
Log­i­cal friend: What?! What hap­pened to your trunks? You did­n’t lose them in the wa­ter, did you?
Na­ture’s mishap: No…they’re just gone.
Log­i­cal friend, to an­oth­er guy: I can’t keep my eye off of John for one minute, can I, with­out him do­ing some­thing stu­pid?

–Long Beach, New York

Point Tak­en

Meat­head: Dude! Your trunks, they’re too short.
Hot dude wear­ing 80s trunks: Dude! This is Amer­i­ca, I can wear what­ev­er I want.
Meat­head: This is not Amer­i­ca. This is New Jer­sey!

–Jer­sey Shore, New Jer­sey